Online Catalogue

The library uses the open source library program called, Koha, for its library catalogue. This is a user-friendly program with easy and advanced searching techniques. Instruction is provided every semester in small groups or on an individual appointment basis. Koha searching guidelines are located at each workstation and library catalogue station. Please see the librarian for more information.

We currently have four computers designated specifically for online public catalogue usage; however, the five student computers can also be used for access to the library catalogue.


Audio-Visual Materials

We have about 120 sound recordings catalogued on various subjects. Subjects include sermons, evangelism, parenting, social issues, Christian ethics, theology, Bible, history, literature and others. Single cds may be found in wooden storage unit next to the library entrance.  CD’s in binders & audiobooks & sound recordings are located in the shelves behind the circulation desk. All audio materials are catalogued through the online library catalogue.  We have over 800 DVD’s available for circulation. Our collection contains entertainment, family, children’s videos, music videos, topical issues, history, missions, lectures and courses by various professors and speakers.  DVD covers are displayed on shelves in front of the circulation desk and housed in the library workroom. New DVDs are located on the top shelf of the DVD shelving in front of circulation desk. Please ask library staff for assistance in locating the material. NOTE:  Regular DVD’s circulate for one-week, NEW DVD’s circulate for 3-days. There is a fine of $0.50 cents per item per day for overdue materials.


The library holds approximately 35 journal titles in print format. Journal holdings can be found in the periodical display shelving by the circulation desk. The library displays the most current issue of the journals on the display shelf with back issues of the current volume or year stored underneath the display shelves. Our bound journals and older printed back issues can be found in the library workroom. Library staff will access the issue/s you may need. Other journal holdings are in microfiche or microfilm format and are housed in the microfiche room across from the Fiction collection. Journals do not circulate. They must be used in the library or photocopied for further use.

We have access to hundreds of journals and thousands of full-text articles through EBSCO. You must use a login and password to utilize these services. See Kathy or library staff for more information.

Microform Materials

The library currently holds a few journals in microfiche format. We also have some theses, books and other materials in microfiche or microfilm format. These materials are located in the file cabinet within the microfiche reading room and may be read on the reader/printer in the room. The microform printer may be used for $.10 per page. (See library staff for operating instructions)

Information/Reference Service

Information and reference service is available Monday through Friday during serviced library hours (See Hours). For in-depth reference service, please see Kathy Seidler during daytime hours.

Student Computers

There are currently five student work stations located in the reference area of the library. A network printer/photocopier is located next to the stations. For those interested in printing anything, prepayment of copies/prints must be established with an account number & password from library staff. There is a charge of 10 cents per page for printed copies. These five terminals can be used for internet access, word processing, CD-ROM database searching, as well as accessing the library catalogue. Children are not allowed to use the library computer without parental supervision and only if computers are available. Access to pornographic material or inappropriate use of computer equipment will result in loss of library membership & access or student disciplinary action will be taken for CSBS&C students.

Online & CD-ROM Databases

We currently subscribe to the American Theological Library Association Religion Database online as well as the Christian Periodical Index online. We also use the Southern Baptist Periodical Index on CD-ROM for our students. Journal articles, books, dissertations on hundreds of topics are indexed in these databases. See library staff for assistance. These programs can be used at any of our student computer stations. We are actively pursuing access to other CD-ROM databases as well as online database sources.


A networked photocopier/printer/scanner is available near the main entrance of the library. The cost is 10 cents per page. Copies/printing accounts must be set up through library staff & pre-payment of copies must be made and added to your account once copies are used up. IOUs will not be permitted for copying/printing. Scanning documents is free of charge but must be either saved to a flash drive or emailed to an address. Please see staff for help in using the photocopier. Outside patrons may use copier/printing but will need to see library staff for assistance.

Group Study Room

This room is equipped with a TV/VCR/DVD unit to view visual materials for small group or classroom use. It is also equipped with a small whiteboard & markers. A sign-in usage calendar is located on the outside of the door. Patrons are welcome to use the room when it is not booked. Please limit the amount of time to 2 consecutive hours. Please note that the Oversized Book Collection is also located in this room and patrons/staff may need to access the materials periodically.

Outside Library Users

We welcome community users to our seminary library and invite them to use the library resources under the same regulations that apply to seminary students. They may use our resources within the library at no charge. Community users are expected to pay an annual fee of $25.00 for use of library resources outside the library. They may sign up for this service at the circulation desk.

TAL (The Alberta Library) Patrons: Our library is now a part of TAL, the Alberta Library consortium. The Alberta Library (TAL) is a province-wide consortium of academic, public, and special libraries. which allows TAL Patrons to borrow  materials from our library at no charge. Our community patrons may also receive a TAL card from us to borrow materials from other libraries. There are some restrictions to the TAL program, see Kathy for clarification. 

Book Sales

From time to time there will be sales of duplicates and other books not needed by the library for a nominal charge. Announcement of any book sales will be made two weeks before the sale begins.  Books must be paid for at the time of purchase. IOUs will not be accepted. All money raised will be used to purchase additional library materials.


The library currently uses three e-book resources,four Ebsco Religion Book Collections and Ebsco’s Academic collection which totals over 175,000 ebooks. Access to these resources is through our library catalogue. Remote access to these resources is available through student accounts. If you do not currently have an account, please see Kathy for remote access information. There is also a free EBSCO app available for iOS devices as well as Android devices and Kindle & Nook devices. There are also links to a number of open-source ebook collections on the library catalogue home page on the left hand side of the screen.

Please Note: Community Members are unable to access our electronic books and journal holdings outside of the library proper due to policy restrictions with our electronic material provider.